About Us

Hillcrest Contracting is a general civil engineering contractor, specializing in street improvement projects. We are located in Corona, California. Our projects are typically located in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, East L.A. County and San Diego County. We work with home building companies as well as public and federal entities.


Our work with home building companies ranges from installation of infrastructural streets to interior tract development. We have been fortunate to work with the vast majority of home builders in the Southern California area and are proud to consistently deliver a quality product while meeting demanding schedules.

Over the last 30 years we have worked for many of the major public entities in Southern California. We have a number of staff that caters solely to public works. From tendering a bid to completion of the project, we have the necessary years of experience in order to deliver a successful project.

image-bandA key element to our success is the ability to self-perform grading, concrete and asphalt paving to a high level. We maintain crews of experienced employees. We benefit from having knowledgeable Superintendents in order to coordinate all of our operations. This is a crucial factor in our specialized discipline.


We specialize in placing curb & gutter, concrete pavement, sidewalks, drive approaches and stamped concrete. We have the ability to place several thousands of feet of curb & gutter in a single day with the use of slip-form curb machine.


Our experienced asphalt crews can pave the full spectrum of projects. From the smallest parking lot to the most complex streets in the public right of way, we have the right personnel and equipment to get the job done right.


Building on a solid foundation is key. Every product that we place has to be on correct grade. Our grading crews work to deliver the right conditions for successful concrete and asphalt paving.


In Business Since 1985


NTS Basin #4 & Bike Trail – Irvine, CA

This project consisted of the installation of a natural treatment system basin for storm water with an adjacent bike trail. The NTS basin was cleared and the existing drainage structures were modified to the proposed improvements with the installation of a low flow channel and sediment traps. The in flow storm drain was fitted with […]